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Fluoro NADP
Fluorescent NADP/NADPH Detection Kit - Detection of NADP/NADPH in tissue extracts /cell samples
Key Benefits:
  • Detection of NADP/NADPH content in cells or tissue extracts
  • Detection of NADP/NADPH levels in antioxidation and oxidative stress
  • Detection of NADP/NADPH levels in cell death, energy metabolism, and mitochondria function
  • Species Independent - NADP/NADPH detection in Bacterial, fungal and plant cells
  • Highly Sensitive – Detects up to 4nM NADP and NADPH
  • Highly Specific - No Cross reactivity with NAD/NADH
  • Easy to Use – 96 well Fluorescent Plate reader readout

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP+) is used in anabolic reactions, such as lipid and nucleic acid synthesis, which require NADPH as a reducing agent. NADPH is the reduced form of NADP+, and NADP+ is the oxidized form of NADPH. In cells, NADPH plays the role of a carrier of reducing power and is primarily involved in maintaining optimal redox metabolism. A simplified assay for the measurement of NAD and NADP is critical to understanding the roles of these pyridine nucleotides in normal and abnormal cells.

NADPH is produced in the oxidative phase of the pentose phosphate pathway in cells, a multifunctional pathway whose primary purpose is to generate reducing power in the form of NADPH. NADPH is a cofactor for enzymes that synthesize energy-rich molecules and provide the reducing equivalents for the oxidation-reduction involved in protecting the cell from the toxicity of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and NADPH oxidase-dependent ROS generation. Both NAD and NADP have been shown to influence hemoglobin affinity for oxygen in erythrocytes. In plant cells, NADPH is used as the reducing power for the biosynthetic reactions in the Calvin cycle of photosynthesis (1-2).

Cell Technology’s Fluoro NADP/NADPH provides a highly reliable, sensitive fluorometric assay for the quantification of NADP, NADPH and their ratio in biological samples.

Assay Principle
The Fluoro NADP/NADPH detection kit utilizes a non-fluorescent detection reagent, which is oxidized in the presence NADPH to produce its fluorescent analog and NADP. NADP is further converted to NADPH via an enzyme-coupled reaction. The enzyme reaction specifically reacts with NADP/NADPH and not with NAD/NADH.


1. NADPH + non-fluorescent detection reagent + electron coupler → fluorescent analog + NADP

2. NADP + enzyme coupled reaction →  NADPH (then proceeds to reaction 1).

   Excitation: 530-570nm and Emission at 590-600nm
1. Comprehensive Invited Review WEIHAI YING. NAD /NADH and NADP /NADPH in Cellular Functions and Cell Death: Regulation and Biological Consequences. ANTIOXIDANTS &REDOX SIGNALING Volume 10,Number 2,2008.

2. Bedard K and Krause KH. The NOX family of ROS-generating NADPH oxidases: physiology and pathophysiology.Physiol Rev 87:245 –313,2007.

3. Lowry, Oliver H., Passonneau, Janet V. and Rock, Martha K. The Stability of Pyridine Nucleotides. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 236, #10, 1961.
Kit contents (for 100 assays)
1. Enzyme Mix 170μL                          Part  6022 .......................... 4-8C 

2. NADP/NADPH Lysis Solution 12.5mL   Part 3050 ............................4-8C

3. NADP Extraction Buffer 22 mL           Part 3046 (Green label) ..........4-8C

4. NADPH Extraction Buffer 22 mL         Part 3047 (Magenta label)........4-8C

5. Reaction Buffer 11 mL.                    Part 3049 ............................4-8C

6. Standard curve diluent 15 ml.            Part  3052............................4-8C

7. NADPH Detection reagent 110 μL       Part  4019...........................-20C 

8. 3X Substrate Mix 6mL                     Part  3048........................... -20C 

9. NADPH Standard- 3 vials dried          Part 7014.............................-20C
The following kits are available:
 Price (US$)
NADPH 100-2 100 Tests $495

Comparison of NADPH & NADH Std Curves

 Comparison of NADP & NADPH Std Curves


NADP and NADPH levels were assayed using the Fluoro NADP/NADPH kit. Yield from 6 X105 Jurkat cells (n=3).